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EC's Erotic Fiction -

Well, what was supposed to be a short simple project turned into three-month rendering odyssey...

Back in November I came up with the idea of creating a couple of ENF/bathroom-themed pictures involving two female characters, Emily and Laura.  I figured I'd add to the few images I already had created with the ENF bathroom theme.  Also, I wanted to create renders with the Poser 6 model Jessie, which I have had in my Poser configuration for years but only used a couple of times.  I also decided to dust off the Sydney (Poser 7) model from my collection, which I previously used for my protagonist Trish Bousquet in my novel "The Servant"… a few years ago. 

So, I cast the Jessie model for my character Emily and the Sydney model for my character Laura.

When I started out, I had no idea the project was going to take on a life of its own.  I had no intention of spending three months of my life and countless sleepless midnight hours on something that started out as just a couple of ENF images.  The original bathroom pictures gave me the idea for an series in which Emily uses blackmail to force Laura to do increasingly embarrassing things.  The twists in the series, such as collared servitude, adding new characters such as Monica, and adding sub-plots such as the romance between Emily and Monica came later as I continued to develop the collection of images.

Every time an end seemed to be in sight, a new idea occurred to me and I decided to continue.  (For example, originally I had thought of ending the series by leaving Emily and Monica together after Laura was sold, but changed my mind right as I came up to that point in the series.)  It helped tremendously that I already had many props and scenes from the Sara Mejia series that I could re-use, but I still had to create a lot of new files and poses from scratch, especially new poses for the Jessie model.  I had poses from the Poser 6 default set, but I had do some heavy modifications and ended up making about 20 original new poses for the Jessie model.  I had varying degrees of luck creating the images I wanted to create.  In some cases I never could get the lighting to work the way I wanted it to, so eventually I had to keep the most recent render and move on, or else I never would have finished the series.

Anyhow, finally I was able to dispose of my characters Laura and Monica in the plot, and in doing so reached a stopping point for the story.

So... was there a point for the project?  Not really, it was simply the result of a spontaneous fantasy and an artist's desire to put that into a visual format.

A note on the world and setting in which the story takes place - United States: 2021

As I commented to a visitor, the slavery system portrayed in the series is corporate-based.  People have become marketable commodities with monetary value and everyone, whether they are collared or not, has a price.  The system originally started as a means to convert delinquent debtors into property but, as both Emily and Monica found out, people with no debt also can be ensnared into the system through bad decisions or bad luck.

The system I envision is overbearing and cruel, but it is not mindlessly sadistic.  There are no crucifixions, strangulations, impalements, mutilations, or cannibalism.  The main way owners control their servants is by threat of zapping them, but the purpose of zapping is to control the servant's actions and ensure obedience, not to mindlessly torture.  Because the system is a logical extension of capitalism, as long as a servant has some monetary value, to injure or kill that person constitutes the destruction of property and an investment loss.  This would be especially true for collared young women.  They are simply too valuable from a monetary perspective to injure or kill.  The same is true for eating, sleeping, and exercise.  MTA provides the owner with a diet and exercise plan to maintain a servant's health and fitness, not out of sympathy for the servant, but to help the owner maintain the value of his investment.  If an owner gets tired of his servant, the easiest thing to do is to return her to the MTA sales department so she can be re-auctioned. 


Per Wikipedia: "Kajira is the term for female slave or "slave-girl" in John Norman's Gor novels."  I have seen the term widely used around the internet, even for art and fiction not directly related to the Gor novels, so I decided to incorporate it into my story since it is widely-known in domination/submission stories.  I am going on the assumption there are no copyright issues because "Kajira" is used so widely around the internet and I did reference John Norman's fiction when using it. 

As explained by my character Emily: "Servants have different values and we (Mega-Town Associates) have a three-tiered classification for our products: black collar, silver collar, and gold collar, which is the most expensive.  Young attractive women fetch the highest price and there's a special ranking for them, which is called 'Kajira'.  That term originally came from a science-fiction series about a place called 'Gor' and in those books 'Kajira' was what the characters called female pleasure slaves.  MTA recruiters started using it to describe its highest-quality female servants, at first as a slang-term, but now it's become official.  A Kajira's sale price at auction can range anywhere between $ 150,000 and $ 600,000, depending on looks, age, health, and skills."  So, in the MTA system, to be collared and sold as a Kajira a young woman has to be attractive, between 18 and 22, have perfect health, not have a history of drug use or venereal disease, and have no birthmarks or body modifications.  Race and ethnicity doesn't really matter.  It is up to the Kajira to improve her sexual skills and stay in shape so that, as she ages, she will maintain her re-sale value. 

A final note:

I got a request as a note to portray one of my characters in this series killing another.  That will never happen.  Death-themed images are not a sexual turn-on for me, and so I refuse to do them.  The same goes for anything that in real life would result in permanent injury, such as branding and punishments that draw blood.  Other artists are into that type of thing.  I am not.  I don't think it is necessary to have a body-count to tell a good domination/submission story.

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