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Well, the Democratic primary election has passed in Oregon, and for once we did get the chance to vote in a primary while there was still a choice over who one of the party’s nominees would be.

Yeah-yeah, I know… we Oregonians are bad Democratic voters for not bowing down to Queen Hillary and accepting the inevitable.  But, what can I say?  In Oregon we actually think for ourselves and just because the elites in the DNC and their mouth-pieces on CNN and the Washington Post tell us to do something, that doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to do it.  Sorry, DNC, but we don’t roll that way in the Pacific Northwest.

That is not to say that I am a hard-core Bernie Sanders supporter.  A couple of my family members and some of my co-workers did “feel the Bern”, but I contented myself with going to a single Sanders rally and voting for him.  I don’t think Sanders is that great of a candidate, but he is the most palatable out of a horrible crop of presidential hopefuls in the 2016 cycle.  As for the other side, there was not a single Republican out of this year’s batch I considered qualified – each one seemed worse than the others every time any of them spoke on TV.

So, now our primary in Oregon has passed, the Sanders opposition is still alive, and Democratic voters in the June primaries will have at least one more chance to voice their preference before Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her DNC politburo can finally anoint their Precious Queen.

What can I say about this year’s election so far?  Nothing good, and it’ll only get worse after Sanders is finally forced out of the nomination race.  We will end up with a candidate with no charisma or leadership ability selected by an elite group of Ivy-League special interests who suppressed any alternative choices and ignored the wishes of their constituencies.  We already have settled on another candidate who is an ignorant blow-hard sociopath and probably the least qualified person to ever receive a major party nomination.  Click on Real Clear Politics and we have the Republican pundits saying the Democratic Party is “breaking up”, and we have Democratic pundits saying the exact same thing about the Republicans.  The Sanders (or Clinton) candidacy is “proof” of the breakdown of the Democratic Party.  The Trump candidacy is “proof” of the breakdown of the Republican Party.

So, what does all that say about the US political system?  Unfortunately, I think both the Trump and Clinton candidacies demonstrate that the US has reached a point in history in which our traditional political institutions are no longer able to function.  Most political systems reach that point in their development, when political and governmental elites are no longer willing or capable of representing the needs of the public, in which the nation is led by individuals who are not grounded in reality.  In the US this process started with George W. Bush, has continued with the current President, and is guaranteed to intensify next year, regardless whether Trump or Clinton wins the November election.

Because the US two-party political system has been around for so long, we are lulled into believing it will continue to exist in its current form into the foreseeable future.  History teaches there is no reason to make such an assumption.  The US constitutional system of representative democracy will come to an end at some point and be replaced with something else.  I think in this primary season we are seeing glimpses of what the future might be: a corrupt politburo-style special-interest-oriented candidate versus an un-qualified narcissistic demagogue.
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